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When playing LF2 if ur a beginner heres instructions

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When playing LF2 if ur a beginner heres instructions

Post by Oeiji Metariu on Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:22 pm

Try these controls for the game lf2 when playing incase if u don't know
note: these controls work if u click them all at the same time

sometimes theres combinations to the controls like D>A....aaaaaaa
and sometimes u can make combos

^ moving up
v moving down
> moving right
< moving left

>> running right
<< running left

Defend>Attack attack move
Defend<Attack same as D>A

Defend^Attack attack move
DefendvAttack attack move

Defend>Jump attack move
Defend<Jump same as D>J

Defend^Jump attack move
DefendvJump attack move

DefendJumpAttack attack move
AttackJump attack move, AttackDefend attack move,
Defend Attack attack move

there can be more
those are the controls to move the character
and activate special moves or special powers/abilities

U would have known this if u known lf2 for a while
Oeiji Metariu

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